There is a commonly held view that business as usual is no longer going to cut it in a world where there are rising levels of inequality, a fragile planet and persistent problems such as homelessness, poverty and the threat of climate change. It is little surprise that social entrepreneurs are on the rise. With big, bold ideas to tackle injustices and global challenges, they are increasingly founding businesses that put social action above maximising profit.

One of Melissa Garren’s earliest memories of the ocean is going bodysurfing with her father and feeling both in awe and terrified of the powerful waves. She has long since overcome her fear of the ocean, but not her fascination with it.

Once underestimated and dismissed, Arlan Hamilton started her own venture capital fund with just $25,000 and steely self-belief. Now, she has a book that talks about her journey from being penniless to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Despite the positive benefits of renewable energy, around 80% of American households cannot install solar on their homes. Steph Speirs, CEO and co-founder of Solstice, explains how neighbourhood solar farms are making green energy a possibility for low- and moderate-income households.

If you’re lucky you get to make a living from something you are truly passionate about. Ruben Walker is one of the lucky ones. Not only that, but the business he co-founded has the potential to save millions of lives.

Imagine you have a business that improves the quality of people’s lives and helps build healthier and happier communities. But there’s a snag: you need to raise capital to implement some of your plans, which are critical to your success.

It’s true that leaders emerge during times of crisis such as these. However, the best leaders are those who eventually work themselves out of a job, argues one social entrepreneur.

With much of Africa living in informal settlements, one enterprising young woman decided to bring quality healthcare to the people who previously couldn’t afford it.

Invest for Good

Through her blog, Invest For Good, Alexandra Court brings together ideas, insights, strategies and people who are determined to create a better future #impinv

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